Federal Reserve Scam

The Federal Reserve was created to bail out big banks when they get into trouble. It put the same banking oligarchs who kept crashing our economy on purpose in charge of our entire money supply. This banking cartel has stolen $0.95 of every US dollar by creating inflation every year on purpose, screwing workers/savers, and allowing politicians to print unlimited money for their irresponsible spending and racket wars. It allows the biggest banks & oligarchs to borrow money for almost zero interest, and then turn around and loan that same money to the rest of us for huge profits.

What Is The Fed?

What Does The Fed Do?

Allows Politicians to Spend Unlimited money

Politicians would not be able to spend twice as much money as we make every year if they couldn't devalue our money with inflation.

Makes Racket Wars Easier

The US government wouldn't be able to afford endless wars if they couldn't devalue the massive debts they rack up to pay for them.

Allows Banks to Be Reckless

Allows banks to recklessly gamble with our money, because they know that the government will bail them out if they get into trouble.

Hurts Responsible Working People

The Fed was supposed to help our economy, but all it does is hurt workers/savers, and rewards borrowers (primarily rich ones).

How Did That Happen?

Empire Banking Oligarchs

Powerful Banking Oligarchs (covert agents of the British Empire) schemed up a way to control the US money supply. Their big banks became the private shareholders controlling the Federal Reserve.

Boss-Hogged America

Removed Obstacles

Presidents Assassinated

Presidents who got in the way of the banksters all got killed:

Remaining Opposition Dies on the Titanic

Architects of the Federal Reserve got extremely lucky when the (3) most formidable oligarchs opposing the creation of the Federal Reserve - Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus, and John Jacob Astor - all died on the same night (when the Titanic sank). JP Morgan - owner of the company who built the Titanic - was also supposed to be onboard - but mysteriously cancelled at the last minute.

Capturing Our Money Supply:

"People of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Henry Ford

Running Up The Debt

Uncontrollable Spending

The US government quickly spent so much money, and racket up so much debt, that it (twice) had to find new ways to manipulate the currency and prevent itself from going completely bankrupt:

1933: Insolvent Government Seizes All Gold

In 1933, the US was insolvent, so President FDR signed an executive order banning private ownership of gold, and forced everyone who owned gold to turn it over to the federal government. Anyone who refused was hunted down and prosecuted. Gold was not allowed to be privately owned again in the US until after Nixon took the US off the gold standard in the 1970's.

1971: Dollar Disconnected From Gold

In 1971, inflation was exploding because the US printed so much money to fund the Vietnam War. So Richard Nixon decided to disconnect the US from the Gold Standard, making money no longer redeemable for gold, and allowing the United States to keep printing money ad-infintum, debasing the value of the dollar and allowing for continued reckless spending.

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”

JP Morgan

Petrodollar System

1973: Deal With Saudi Arabia

Now that the US dollar was backed by nothing, it's value is determined solely by how many people use it. So Nixon made a deal with the Saudis to artifically prop up the value of the dollar - called the Petrodollar system:

Top Oil Producer

Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil, and they are the leaders of OPEC - the cartel that controls oil prices worldwide.

Sells In Dollars

The Saudis would force everyone who buys their oil to pay in dollars, and then invest lots of its oil revenue in US Treasury securities.

Props Up Dollar

This artificially propped up the value of the Dollar - allowing the US to print and spend unlimited money without negative consequences.

Protection Racket

In exchange, the United States would give the Saudis weapons, and overlook their brutal treatment of citizens and other countries.

Power Over Bank Payments

SWIFT Payment Network

SWIFT is the extremely antiquated electronic transfer system that banks still use to move money. It has become problematic for many reasons:

Checks Take Several Days to Clear

Workers paychecks & card payments to small business take several business days to clear.

Only Available Business Hours EST

Wire transfers are only able to be processed during East Coast business hours.

Banks Profit Off Of The Delay

Banks take the gigantic pool of our money waiting to be cleared, and use it to profit off overnight loans.

Mechanism of Control Over Money

When the US sanctions a country, their banks get cut off from SWIFT, making them unable to function.

Power Games

Preventing Progress

Even though SWIFT sucks, and everyone knows it, the US government refuses to allow innovation because they want to retain their chokehold over the global financial system, and all of the countries, organizations, and people who rely on it.

Crush Innovation

Ripple is by far the best solution to unseat and replace SWIFT, so the US government is trying to destroy them with frivolous lawsuits.

Ignore Obvious Fraud

FTX (crypto exchange) was helping the US government launder money, so despite them being an obvious fraud, they looked the other way.