War In Ukraine

How the United States manipulated Ukraine and Provoked a Brutal Russian Invasion
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Who Started The War In Ukraine?

How It All Started

NATO Breaks It's Promise

The Cold War ended in 1990 - but America & Britain never stopped trying to dominate Russia.

2014: Regime Change Operation

Maidan Massacre

Using the Arab-Spring playbook, the CIA was sent in to instigate huge protests. Protestors in Maidan were shot by unknown assailants in nearby buildings. Dozens of protestors were killed, and the massacre got blamed on the Russia-aligned Ukrainian President. Years later, after some trials, it was revealed that the people who shot the protestors were actually US-backed Neo Nazis - conducting a false flag operation to provoke regime-change in Ukraine.

US Takes Over

After successfully overthrowing the government of Ukraine, the United States continued to antagonize Russia.

MH17 False Flag?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was travelling over warring Ukraine on 17 July 2014 when it was shot down. 283 passengers, including 80 children, and 15 crew members were on board. The plane broke into pieces and crashed after being hit by a Russian-made Buk missile, raining dead bodies across eastern Ukraine. Evidence suggests that the CIA tricked the separatists into firing on MH17 with fake tips that the passenger airliner was a military fighter jet coming to drop more cluster bombs on them. A deadly stunt (commonly referred to as a false flag) designed to turn public opinion against Russia and manufacture consent needed to escalate the war.

Trump Gets Crushed By the CIA

American politicians travel to other countries with diplomatic visas - making them immune to criminal prosecution for corruption they engage in while abroad. Trump exposing Biden's use of "diplomatic immunity" would draw unwanted attention to this insane legal loophole, and jeopardize CIA rackets worldwide.

2019: Intentional Escalation

U.S. Strategy Docs

RAND Corp came out with a report suggesting cost-imposing options that the United States and its allies could pursue to stress, overextend and unbalance Russia’s economy, military, and government. This report is essentially a laundry list of ways the United States can threaten and intimidate Russia. It warns that the US needs to be careful with these strategies because they are very belligerent, and might provoke Russia into declaring a full-scale war. NATO did most of the things recommended in this report, and sure enough, it provoked Russia into invading Ukraine.


Measures (from document above) the United States intentionally took to intimidate and harm Russia as much as possible:

Political Measures

Impose crippling financial sanctions to hurt the Russian people, try to delegitimize its elections and government, and try to instigate big protests and strikes in Russia.

Covert Measures

Send weapons to Ukraine, send more weapons to Syrian Terrorists, and covertly try to overthrow the governments of small and unstable countries on Russia's border.

Military Measures

Fly bomber jets close to Russia, send warships to patrol the sea near Russia, and do huge military drills simulating invasions in NATO countries close to Russia's border.

Financial Measures

Waste lots of taxpayer money buying more weapons, developing new weapons (including nukes), and positioning them as dangerously close to Russia as possible.

2022: Full-Scale War

BioWeapons Labs?

One of the excuses Russia made for the invasion was to "secure US-Funded Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine". Since COVID probably came from a US-funded lab in China, Putin said he was concerned about dangerous viruses escaping from Ukraine. The claim was quickly rejected by the US, and anyone who questioned it was deemed to be "spreading Russian disinformation." But then in a Senate hearing (under-oath), the CIA's top viceroy to Ukraine admitted that the United States was "concerned about the contents of those labs falling into Russian hands." Why would she be so concerned if nothing dangerous was happening at those labs???

Western Aggression

Conflict Continues

Results So Far...

Ukraine Being Destroyed

Russia Stregthened, China Emboldened

Countries Ditching US Dollar

US Power Weakened

War in Ukraine