Syria: The Dirty War

How the United States and it's allies created a terrorist army and destroyed the freest country in the Middle East.
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Who Started The War In Syria?

Why They Attacked Syria:

Assad was supporting Gadaffi

Direct Quote from Classified Intelligence Briefing:

How They Attacked Syria

Proxies are countries that the CIA gets to do it's dirty work abroad so there's no record of their criminal activities. Countries run by Royals are preferred, (because royals can never be prosecuted) but not required. Below are the countries used to instigate, finance, and perpetuate the war in Syria:

How It All Started

Setting Up A Terrorist Army

"Timber Sycamore" was an operation to arm a bunch of militants and have them violently overthrow the government of Syria. The United States claimed that they were only arming "moderate rebels" who had the popular support of the people. But that was a complete lie. The militants were a bunch of terrorists and criminals who were part of groups like ISIS and al-Nusra. Even Syrians who didn't like Assad knew he was a better option than the militants.

Terrorists with TOW missiles

TOW missiles are expensive, sophisticated laser-guided weapons that are powerful enough to penetrate heavy armor (kill tanks), blow up bunkers, and in general wreak havoc on the enemy. They are only made in America, and a single shot from one of these costs as much as a house. ISIS and al-Nusra mysteriously had hundreds of these things. Yet the United States claims it was not arming terorists.

Terrorists Storm Across Syria & Iraq

Using the huge stockpile of sophisticated missiles, tanks, trucks, and machine guns they got, terrorists took over huge parts of Syria and Iraq:

Destroying Ancient Artifacts/Monuments

Many of these statues, monuments, and buildings, survived for 2000+ years until the savage horde of terrorists destroyed them:

And Killing Everyone In Their Path

The United States pretended to be horrified by this, but in reality, they were the ones giving these terrorists the money and weapons to do this:

Assad Fought Back But Was Losing

With all of his major cities under siege, the Syrian President was running low on money and munitions. So, in a deperate attempt to defend his country from the savage horde of terrorists, he resorted to using "barrel bombs" (oil drum barrels full of dynamite and metal scraps dropped from helicopters). It was a crude tactic, but his back was against the wall, and it was his only option.

So Russia Stepped In To Help

With his back against the wall, and with the barbaric terrorist army closing in on his government, Assad got Putin to help him:

Providing Assad the Air Support He Needed

The Syrian government was out of munitions, and was getting lots of bad press about their use of crude "barrel bombs". So, at the request of the Syrian government, Russia stepped in and gave the Syrian military the fighter jets, missiles, and training they needed to fight back against the terrorist army.

Why Russia Got Involved:

Vladimir Putin had tremendous popular support for sending his military to help Assad in Syria - because Russia is an Orthodox Christian country, and the savage horde of terrorists were destroying lots of priceless Orthodox Christian heritage (monuments, texts, and churches from 100-300AD).

But The US Still Wanted Assad Gone

So badly they were willing to send American troops to get rid of him

They Say So In Their Emails

Direct Quote from Classified Intelligence Briefing:

Fake Chemical Weapons Attack

The US gov wanted to send ground troops to Syria, but they knew that Americans wouldn't be down for that. So they got the Saudis to stage chemical weapons attacks (WMDs) against Syrian civilians, and blamed Assad, so they would have an excuse to send troops (like they had previously done in Iraq).

Obama Talks Tough, But Does Nothing

Obama said that if the Syrian government used chemical weapons, that would be a "Red Line" that would cause him to send ground troops to invade Syria. But when the attack happened, he decided not to, because deep-down he knew the attack was a false flag (sadistic stunt designed to provoke war), and he knew his base would be mad if he did.

Trump Tries To Respond Carefully

After talking tons of trash about the CIA warmongering overseas, Trump faced tremendous pressure to initiate a full-scale war after the attacks:

Gas Attacks Are Eventually Debunked

It took years to come out, and the mainstream media won't cover it, but the attacks were proven to be false by credible experts:

Ghouta Attack Debunked

Study concludes that Syrian insurgents carried out the Ghouta sarin chemical attack in August 2013 -- not the Syrian government.

Douma Attack Debunked

Leaked OPCW assessment challenges the claim that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack in Douma in April 2018

Things never improved in Syria. Chaos & Death continues to this day.

Results of US Intervention in Syria:

Entire Country Destroyed

Civil War Still Raging

Childhoods Lost

World Heritage Erased

War in Syria