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Black Ops 101

The Dark Truth About the CIA

Many people think that the CIA is a patriotic organization that protects Americans from danger, and informs the President about what's happening in the world so he can make good decisions. But that couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that the CIA is a vicious paramilitary mafia, that rigs elections, overthrows governments, kills people, and manipulates our presidents into doing their bidding. They are the world's foremost experts in lying, cheating, and stealing from other countries. They sow chaos, degeneracy, corruption, and violence everywhere they go.

Uses Terrorists & Criminals as Assassins

Blackmails & Bribes Politicians Worldwide

Funded By Slavery & Drug-Dealing

Uses Authority of the British Crown

How It Started

The CIA was created by British Intelligence during WW2, when MI6 came over and taught Americans the ruthless tactics they had been developing for centuries.

Medieval England


East India Company

Queen Elizabeth's pirate racket gets reorganized into a ruthless corporation:

Reorganized Around Oligarchs

Jewish Banking Oligarchs

Christians were banned from becoming bankers in medieval Europe - so all banking was run by Jews. Royals used Jews as their "court factors" (aka chief bankers), because they were a small minority who faced extreme prejudice from the rest of the population, so they were reliant on royals for protection. Jews were stereotyped as not being loyal to any country, so MI6 reorganized itself around Jewish Oligarchs to obfuscate the British origin of it's activities.

Masters of Indirect Assassinations

Assassinations are much easier to keep secret when they are outsourced to criminal proxies. Emma Goldman was a criminal proxy (British intelligence asset) who led a worldwide movement of anarchists. Based out of London and funded by Banking Oligarchs in New York, Emma Goldman's movement assassinated (6) monarchs, (2) presidents and several prime ministers. It was great cover for MI6, as many of the "anarchists" in her group had no idea that they were acting as pawns of the British Empire.

Using Criminals and Terrorists

MI6 became the world's foremost experts in using criminals and terrorists to assassinate world leaders:

Creating the CIA

World War 2


During WW2, British intelligence (MI6) came over and built the OSS from the ground up - teaching the Americans the ruthless tactics they had been using for centuries. In 1947, OSS was reorganized into the CIA.

Admirals Duped

Military leaders saw drug dealing and human trafficking as something that was going to happen either way, so they were persuaded to capture those criminal industries and use them to fund their Black Ops.

Deal With The Devil

Secret Partnership, Catastrophic Results

Under the sneaky guise of a "counterintelligence partnership," the British Empire directly captures the US government, and uses it to further it's imperial ambitions across the globe.

Unholy Alliance

Since the intelligence agencies had legal immunity abroad, but not at home, MI6 and the CIA made a deal to "scratch each others backs". CIA would secretly run criminal enterprises in the UK/Anglosphere, and MI6 would secretly run criminal enterprises in the United States. Including drug dealing, human trafficking, assassinations, election rigging, and media manipulation. This unholy alliance is called D6 - the off-book, covert paramilitary mafia of the CIA & MI6. And it is supported by the "counterintelligence" apparatus of both countries.

Unlimited Spying

After World War 2, the US made a deal with the British Crown and the countries it controls (i.e. Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand), where the intel agencies can all monitor each others electronic communications (phone calls, texts, emails, GPS tracking data, etc). This allows all of the governments to spy on each others citizens 24/7/365. Making it very easy for the CIA and MI6 to get away with their criminal rackets. Because if any local law enforcement is about to catch them, or if any news media is about to expose them - they can easily see it, and always stay one step ahead.

Preposterous Legal Loopholes

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Black Ops Enabled By:

British Monarchy

Shortly after WW2, CIA and FBI counterintelligence made a deal with SIS to use the monarchy as a blanket rubber stamp for nefarious domestic activities. Without the legal foundation the monarchy provides (secrecy, immunity, command structure, etc), our rogue intelligence agencies like would not be able to manipulate media, provoke wars, and subvert elections without being prosecuted. King Charles is nowhere near as intelligent as his predecessors, but the institution of the monarchy is the glue that holds the “deep state” together. It's what enables our rogue intelligence apparatus to legally target Americans.

Royal Death Racket

Assassinating Americans

Prominent Americans deemed "counterintelligence threats" and assassinated via MI6 proxies:


Malcom X

Robert Kenenedy

John F Kennedy

"They still won't realease the JFK documents, 60 years later, because the assassination was ordered through the Monarchy loophole. Meaning it can legally be kept secret forever."

Lying to Start Wars

False Flags

False Flags are murderous stunts that the CIA and military uses to trick the public into being ok with their racket wars:
"War is a Racket"

Smedley Butler

Operation Northwoods

In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba. Code named Operation Northwoods, the plans reportedly included the possible assassination of Cuban émigrés, sinking boats of Cuban refugees on the high seas, hijacking planes, blowing up a U.S. ship, and even orchestrating violent terrorism in U.S. cities. The plans were developed as ways to trick the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba's then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.

Arming Militants

Most of the terrorist organizations on earth are funded and armed by the covert paramilitary wing of the CIA & MI6:

Mujahadeen in Afghanistan

Drug Cartels in Central America

ISIS & al-Nusra in Syria

Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Black Ops Funding Sources

Criminal Enterprises

Funding for the CIA's illegal rackets can't come from Congress (because if it did, there would be a paper trail). So the CIA makes deals with criminal organizations and uses that money to arm terrorists, kill people, rig elections, and manipulate the media:

World's Biggest Drug Dealers

Opium (aka Heroin)

Places the United States goes to war (i.e Afghanistan & Vietnam) end up becoming the world's biggest heroin producers:

CIA Responsible for:

Crack Epidemic

The Black Community has known for decades how the CIA (via their MI6 proxies) intentionally flooded black neighborhoods with highly addictive crack-cocaine. At the time, they were widely dismissed as conspiracy theorists, but over the last decade, many other communities are starting to wake up to this grim reality as well.

Opiod Epidemic

As Bush's (2) wars ballooned into Obamas (7) wars, the opioid epidemic exploded in the US. That's because the CIA needed more and more money to fund black ops in counties across the globe. More recently, China has begun to pile on to this effort with the introduction of Fentanyl. China sees this as payback for when the British Empire (with the help of American Oligarchs such as Warren Delano) flooded them in Opium, crippling their country for over 100 years.

Black Ops 101