Rigged Elections

The Original Election Skeptic

Andrew Jackson - founder of the modern Democratic Party - was the original election denier. He accused his opponent of making a "corrupt bargain" with electors, and refused to accept the outcome of the 1824 Election. And he wasn't wrong - that election was very shady. He was so stubborn in his beliefs about the rigged election, that people called him Andrew Jackass - which he then turned into the logo of his Party. It's why Democrats have a donkey logo to this very day. Modern Democrats like to pretend that questioning our rigged elections is a "threat to democracy." But it's not. It wasn't back then, and it's still not now.

Our Elections Have Been Rigged For Centuries

Will of the People Is Never Enacted

Oligarchs and Royals Control Our "Democracy"

Our Country Is A Corrupt Mess As a Result

Elections Were Rigged Long Before 2020

Everyone Denies Elections

MSNBC anchors reminds everyone (in 2016) that election denial isn't new. People have been saying that the elections are rigged since forever. Now that Trump is denying the 2020 election, they backtracked and are pretending that it's very "dangerous to democracy" to observe obvious flaws in our system. But once Trump is gone, it will become normal again, and neoliberals will remember what they've always believed about our unbelievably corrupt elections.

Suspicious Details of 2020 Election

Some common sense observations and facts about the last presidential election:

How Trump Got Elected In The First Place

Why Didn't Dems Show Up in 2016?

Because They Saw Hillary's Emails

Hillary Clinton's emails contain some of the most damning revelations ever exposed in politics. They are full of racketeering, fraud, blackmail, and public corruption. In addition to her personal corruption, Hillary was also Secretary of State, so much of the CIA's corruption around the world is exposed in them as well. That's why she never got in trouble. Because if she did, our government would have to admit those emails are real, and many powerful people would go to jail. Lots of things that are dismissed as "conspiracy theories" - are proven to be true in Hillary's emails. And many things that upset Democrat voters.

Who Showed Them?

(Hint: Not Russia)

WikiLeaks + Anons

Because the News Media wouldn't cover the emails, internet activists rose up and decided to do the media's job for them:

Crowdsourced Victory

The movement succeeded big. People saw how insanely corrupt Hillary Clinton was. Millions of (previously reliable) Democrat voters were so disgusted, that they didn't show up to vote for her on election day.

Sour Grapes

McCain, Clinton, & Comey were the sore losers who started all the Russia hysteria. Each of them for their own reasons:

Russiagate Racket

Why Everybody Went Along With It

Powerful members of both parties and the media were exposed when Hillary's emails came out. If voters realized how bad they were, it would be nuclear armageddon for them all. So, in a desperate attempt to distract everyone away from looking at the emails, they all jumped onboard with Russiagate - a hysterically fantastical conspiracy to frame Trump. Below is the Senate "Intelligence" Committee (people in charge of overseeing CIA), investigating a meme of Hillary boxing Jesus. This picture perfectly demonstrates how idiotic and fake the Russia Investigation was from start to finish:

FBI Pushes Russiagate Racket:

Illegal FISA Warrants

The FBI brazenly lied to the courts to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump. FISA warrants are only supposed to be used to catch terrorists and foreign enemies.

Paid for Oppo Research

The FBI used a fake "dossier" (list of trashy gossip) to justify the investigation of Trump. Then offered to pay the guy who wrote it a million dollars if he could prove it true.

Partisan Agents

FBI agents hated Trump and Wikileaks, so (according to their text messages) they worked as hard as they could to frame him for colluding with Russia.

Weaponized Leaks

Details of ongoing investigations are suppoed to be secret. But the FBI leaked rumors nonstop to the media - instigating a flood of public hysteria and panic.

Results of Russiagate

The Russiagate Racket was one of the most toxic things our country has ever gone through.

Bitter Partisanship

The country was bitterly divided. People started hating each other. Most of us lost family and friends over political disagreements.

Liberals No Longer Liberal

Liberals were so mad about Trump, that they completely forgot how much they hate the FBI & CIA. And they started wanting censorship.

Mass Censorship

Because the Wikileaks got blamed on Russia (instead of activists), social media companies were forced to start censoring everyone.

Dems Turn On Wikileaks

Dems loved Wikileaks when they exposed Bush for lying & torturing people. But when they exposed Hillary, Dems turned on them.

Rigged Elections