Mind Control

We Are Being Controlled

MK-ULTRA Never Ended.

Project MKULTRA (also known as MK-ULTRA) was the code name for a CIA mind-control research program that began in the 1950s. Many people claim that this illegal program ended in the 1970's, but it continues to this very day (although it's not called MKUltra anymore). Modern versions of MKUltra conducted by the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon are now referred to by names such as "Information Ops, Psycological Operations (PSYOPS), and "Behavior Modification."

Mind Control Methods

Tools the CIA uses to control people:

Light Pulses

Flickering light pulses, when deployed in a specific pattern & timing, can be used to induce emotions and controlled behaviors.

Sound Frequencies

Audible and inaudible frequencies can be used to mess with peoples heads and make it impossible for them to function normally.


People were secretly dosed with huge amounts of LSD (the drug) and experimented on, in attempts to get them to reveal sensitive secrets.


Trauma can be used to fractalize peoples minds, causing their personality to split, and making it easy to hypnotize them into action.

Radio Frequencies

Targeted radio waves can be used to cause spontaneous bursts of emotion, that can be used to drive people towards a desired behavior.

Magnetic Fields

Directional magnetic fields can stimulate areas of the brain responsible for information processing and emotion.


In the 1940's it was discovered that beaming specialized microwaves at people's head can make them hear weird sounds and voices.

Subliminal Media

Subliminal programming used to be embedded into film strips, but it can now be injected into any streaming media (such as porn websites).

Source: CIA.gov

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Nobody was ever held accountable

Secretly Used By Feds

Targeting Innocent Americans


Illegal FBI program aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political organizations through psychological Warfare

FBI Tactics:


Sending teams of agents to follow people in very obvious ways, so that the person panics, but can't tell anyone without sounding schizo.

Illegal Wiretaps

Illegally listening to people's phone calls and watching their electronic comms so the FBI can thwart whatever they try to do.

Leaked False Rumors

From MLK to Trump, the FBI has never stopped smearing people with brazen lies to the media. And the media never stops falling for it.

Electronic Harassment

Modern version of COINTELPRO uses sound and radio frequencies, flickering lights, and magnetic fields, to mess with peoples heads.
The FBI labels political organizations they don't like as "subversives" (aka Foreign Enemy Combatants), so they can use Military tools and techniques designed to degrade/destroy them as if they were enemy spys. The FBI claims that these illegal tactics eneded in the 1970's, but in reality, they are still used to this very day.

Digital Mind Control

Harvard Scientists that worked for DARPA, CIA, and military research labs has an in-depth discussion about Neuro-weapons, mind control, Voice-To-Skull (V2K), Manchurian candidates, and mind viruses. In the video, he talks about how this technology has been researched since the 1960's, and how it was used in the first Gulf War in the 90's. He also talks about how this technology is being tested on unsuspecting citizens, how it's being used to steer mass shooters, and how the News Media refuses to cover it.

Arab Spring

Under Obama, the CIA (with help from big tech) overthrew many governments across the Middle East - resulting in mass chaos, destruction and death that continues to this day in many of the targeted countries:

Big-Tech Mind-Control Weapons

These weapons were originally designed for use on foreign enemy combatants, but are illegally being used against Americans too:

"Defections" Are When People:

Why the CIA loves Silicon Valley

Data Big-Tech Collects:

What You Say

All of your texts, emails, phone calls, and even offline conversations are all captured, transcribed, and cataloged by Big Tech

+ Where you go

Your phone constantly pings a GPS satellite, and provides agencies & advertisers with details of everywhere you go and for how long

+ What you do

Every activity that you do, every step you walk, everything you buy, every website you visit, and every picture/video you take

= How you think

With all this data, big tech can understand you better than you understand yourself. Even predicting your future thoughts & actions

They Know Everything About Everyone

They know exactly how every single one of us thinks. They know what makes us:




Motivated To Action

And they can use that to drive us like robots

Is Mind Control Legal?

Yes! Obama Legalized It:

Military Propaganda

Law that legalizes the use of military propaganda tools & techniques to shape the attitudes and behaviors of the American public.

Behavior Modification

Executive order authorizing federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens in order to advance government initiatives

Psychological Warfare

Congress in late 2019 passed a law affirming that the military could conduct operations in the "information environment" to defend the United States and to push back against foreign disinformation aimed at undermining its interests. The measure, known as Section 1631, allows the military to carry out clandestine psychologic operations in the United States against American citizens (WTF!)

DARPA Mind Control Project at ASU

Remotely disrupt political dissent by employing “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation” (TMS) in tandem with sophisticated propaganda.

Individuals can be persuaded to do things they normally would not do and believe things they normally would not believe.


Collect vast trove of user data and use that to map out strategy for controlling that person

+ Targeted Propaganda

Create sophisticated, individualized propaganda, and serve it to the person at the exact right timing.

+ Magnetic Fields

Selectively manipulate how people's brains process that information using electromagnetic fields

= Mind Control

Make people do things or say things they normally wouldnt. Control their brains and drive them like robots.
With enough data, the government could spread propaganda through the media that people will almost automatically believe, whether it is true or not.


Other Mind Control Technologies

Radio Frequencies

Our bodies resonate at specific frequencies based on our health and emotional state. Frequencies that can be tangibly observed on a spectrometer. With the new (directionalized) "beam-forming" RF technologies, such as 5G and WIFI6, those natural emotional frequencies can be artificially induced. Meaning if you shoot targeted radio waves at someone, at exactly the right frequency, you can cause a spontaneous burst of:





When used in tandem with targeted propaganda, Radio Frequencies can be used to secretly manipulate people's behavior, and drive them to do things they normally wouldn't.

They Can Also Be Weaponized To Induce:

Heart Attacks


Panic Attacks

Instant Defecation

**RF weapons were designed for use on foreign enemy combatants, but they are regularly used to target innocent Americans

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FBI Uses These Weapons To:

Cultivate Fringe Ideologies

Instigate Criminal Activity

Neutralize Political Dissent

Coordinate Indirect Assassinations

Mind Control