Criminal Injustice

Police State

The United States claims to be the freest country, but it has the most draconian "Justice" system in the entire world. Constitutional rights are almost never respected. Federal law enforcement has unlimited leeway to lie and cheat without any consequences. Defendants are abused and punished long before they are even convicted. The rule of law is rarely respected. Lawyers pledge oaths to a local branch of the "British Accreditation Regency" (not the Constitution). Federal courts are designed to be as minimally transparent as possible. Judges face zero accountability whatsoever, and are free to rule however they see fit. The Founding Fathers would be appalled with the dystopian nightmare of a justice system we have developed over the past few decades.

More Prisoners Than Communist China!

The Most In the World... By A Longshot

We lock up a larger percentage of our population than communist China, and we lock up more people than almost all other western democracies combined. One quarter of all the worlds prisoners are locked up in the United States. Some people believe that's because we have more criminals, but the truth is that Two-thirds of the people locked up in the United States are unconvicted (meaning they shouldn't be locked up in the first place). Our system is so broken and harsh, that one quarter of all Americans have a criminal record. Does anyone really think that 1/4 of all Americans are actual criminals??

Rigged Legal System

Setting You Up

We are supposed to be a free country, but the US legal system is designed to set people up and make it impossible for anyone to defend themselves:

Constitutional Abomination

Your Rights Do Not Exist

Most Americans were raised to believe that they have constitutional rights to protect them. But in reality, those rights do NOT exist.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent until proven guilty is a non-existent concept in federal courts. All defendants are all effectively guilty until proven innocent, and 99% will be locked up until trial.

Right to a Speedy Trial

Defendants basic 6th Amendment "Right to a Speedy Trial" is NEVER respected. No-one in the federal system ever gets a speedy trial. Cases often take years to resolve.

No Bail in Federal Court

8th Amendment rights do not exist in Federal Court. There is no bail. Nearly every single person charged is frivolously deemed a "flight risk" & locked up for years pending trial.

Unlimited Searches/Seizures

The 4th Amendment does not exist in the United States. Courts give Law Enforcement unlimited leeway to lie to them in order to obtain illegal search and arrest warrants.

Crooked Courts

Judges Are:

Appointed for Life

Federal Judges are appointed for life and can never be fired. Defense lawyers know that they will be stuck trying cases in-front of the same handful of judges forever, so they craft weak and ginger arguments for their clients, because they don't want to make the judges mad and hurt their own careers.

Never Held Accountable

Judges are never held accountable for anything. They are free to hear cases with obvious conflicts of interest. And they are free to ignore every single defendants constitutional rights. All efforts to promote transparency and/or reign in bad judges are swiftly rebuked by the powerful Judge Lobby.

Biased in Favor or Prosecution

Courts are supposed to be fair and balanced. But the prosecution wins 99% of the time. Defendants (even non-violent ones with no criminal record) are locked up pending trial. Their rights are never respected, and they're almost always extorted into taking bogus plea deals.

More Powerful Than The President

Any random federal judge from any state can strike down anything that the President does. Politically biased judges are able to hamstring the will of the people - because their rulings take years to be appealed - often outlasting the Presidents term in office.

Zero Transparency

Courts Don't Have to Respect Your Rights

Why Not?

They operate under DC jurisdiction

Washington DC is not a state. So it doesn't have to follow the Constitution in the same way the states do. Federal courts across the country are all franchises of the federal court system in DC - meaning they also operate under DC jurisdiction, and do not have to follow the Constitution as the unbreakable supreme law of the land either. They are all free to be as arbitrary and capricious as they desire.

Political Prosecutors

Career Advancement Via Cruelty

An alarmingly high amount of politicians and judges start off as prosecutors. Prosecutors don't get ahead by being fair or just, they get ahead by lying and cheating to pack as many bodies into prisons as possible. Numbers are all that matter. Constitutional rights are ignored.

Prison Conditions

"Correctional" Facilities?

The Prison System is supposed to rehabilitate people who are disrupting civil society, but it does exactly the opposite. Inmates emerge from prison completely broke and extremely traumatized from the abusive environment.


Inmates face dangerously unsanitary conditions, and are oftentimes prevented access to suitable cleaning chemicals they need to adequately clean.


Inmates seeking to keep to themselves and peacefully serve their time are unable to do so, because violent race-based gangs run day-to-day life in every prison.


Inmates are price gouged for every single thing they need to survive. Food, beverages, basic hygiene products, and phone time, are only offered at exorbitant rates.


Guards are free to break the law, start fights, assault inmates, and in general do whatever they want, because the prisons will just lie if inmates try to report them.

Prison Labor

Legal Slavery

The flawed 13th Amendment allows slavery for people who have been convicted of a crime. Instead of getting paid minimum wage so they can have money to keep themselves off the street when they get out, inmates are widely exploited as slaves - earning pennies per hour:

Prison Jobs:

Public Works

Inmates are used as landscapers, trash removers, ditch diggers, janitors, and maintenance men for city buildings, golf courses, roads, and cemeteries.

Farm Work

In typical plantation fashion, many inmates are forced to perform manual farm labor. Corporate farms that can't get enough immigrants love using prison labor.

Disaster Recovery

Inmates are used as volunteer firefighters - working in dangerous conditions for slave wages. Then they are prevented from becoming firefighters once they are released.


Many of the largest US defense contractors use prison labor to build parts for their weapons. Weapons which they then turn around and price gouge our government for.

Is it a FAIR MARKET when some companies get to use Slave Labor while others don't?

Post Prison

Profiting Continues

People who served their time should be released to try and rebuild their lives. But the predatory "justice" system is designed to find any reason possible to send them back to prison, and to extort as much money from them as possible in the process:

Who Profits?

Criminal Injustice