Saudi Arabia

The Worlds Most Barbaric Regime

Saudi Arabia is the biggest, richest country in the middle East. It is ruled by a barbaric medieval monarchy that brutally abuses its people and the countries around it. Saudi Arabia gets away with murder (literally) because they have lots of money and oil (so they can buy off American politicians and corporations), and they help the CIA do terrible things to people all around the world.

Brutal Monarchy

Owns the Capital of Islam

No Human Rights

Terrorist Regime

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Created By The British Empire

After World War 1

World War 1 was secretly provoked by Imperial British Royals - so they could trick all of their European competitors into destroying each other, seize large portions of the oil-rich Muslim world (then ruled by the Ottoman empire), and maintain their seafaring trade dominance.

Oil Rich Kingdom


After World War 1, France and Britain blocked the United States from drilling in Iraq. So Standard Oil made a deal with Saudi Arabia, and formed what is now called Saudi ARAMCO (Arab-American Oil Company). ARAMCO is now one of the largest companies in the world, and serves a personal piggy-bank for the corrupt Saudi Royal family.


In 1960, Saudi Arabia helped found an organization called OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), so they could collude with other oil rich nations to manipulate oil prices and earn more money. This became extremely problematic for the United States in the early 70's when OPEC cut off oil to the United States, because America supported Israel in the Yom Kippur War. A very hypocritical move, because the only reason that Saudi Arabia even became a country in the first place, was because Ibn Saud agreed to go along with the British Plan to create a Jewish settlement in Palestine. In exchange, he and his tiny army (70 men total) got British weapons and funding - enabling them to take over Arabia.

Special Deal

After the embargo, the US government made a deal with Saudi Arabia where American corporations would help Saudi Arabia (then a very primitive society) build infrastructure to modernize their country, in exchange for lots of money and favorable treatment at OPEC. Part of that deal was that Saudi Arabia would only accept US dollars as payment for their oil - no matter who was buying it. Thus began the unholy alliance that is still enriching the treacherous Saudi royals and plaguing the United States to this day.

Blood Money

Petrodollar System

The US dollar is backed by nothing, so (like cryptocurrency) the value is determined by how many people use it. For most countries, printing lots of money causes lots of problems. But the Petrodollar system allows the US to avoid the devaluation problems caused by printing money.

Top Oil Producer

Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil, and they are the leaders of OPEC - group of countries that control oil prices across the globe.

Sells In Dollars

The Saudis force everyone who buys their oil to pay in dollars, and then they invest lots of their oil revenue in US Treasury securities.

Props Up Value

This system artificially props up the value of the Dollar - allowing the US to print and spend unlimited money without negative consequences.

Protection Racket

In exchange, the United States gives Saudi Arabia weapons, and overlooks it's brutal treatment of citizens and other countries.
Under this deal, the US has racketed up so much debt, that when Saudi Arabia decides to end it, the US government & economy will collapse.

Saudi Terror State

Citizens Brutalized By Their Own Government

Saudi Arabia restricts almost all political rights and civil liberties. No officials are elected. The regime relies on totalitarian police state surveillance, complete criminalization of dissent, and appeals to hateful religious extremism. Women face extensive discrimination. Workers are brazenly exploited.

Rigged Justice System

There is no justice in Saudi Arabia. They claim to follow the rules of Islam, but in reality, the law is whatever the royal rulers say it is.

No Womens Rights

Women are not allowed to leave their house without a male relative, wife-beating is legal, and they can be legally executed for adultery.

Executes All Critics

Teenage bloggers who post even mild criticisms of their barbaric government are regularly beheaded or crucified in public executions.

Arbitrary Detentions

You don't have to break a law to get locked up in Saudi Arabia. They can throw you in jail forever just because they feel like it.

Rulers Have No Rules

Royals Run Rampant

Saudi Arabia is a brutal place to live for everybody except the royal family - who can never be prosecuted and gets to do whatever they want:

Global Menace

World's Leading Exporter of Violent Extremism

Pushes Radical Islam

Funds mosques all over the world that intentionally teach muslims to be as extreme, insular, intolerant, and violent as possible.

Targets Civilians

Bribes, blackmails and murders businessmen and journalists that get in their way. Doesn't matter what country they are from.

Funds Terrorism

Most of the Islamic terrorist groups on earth are funded and armed by the Saudis. Giving the US an excuse to go to war anywhere they want.

CIA/MI6 Attack Dogs

When the CIA or MI6 wants to do crazy and illegal things (that they don't want to get blamed for) they just get the Saudis to do it for them.

Barbaric Bombing Campaigns

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Crisis in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is currently waging a barbaric war against Yemen (one of the poorest countries). They say it's to get rid of some Iran-backed rebels they don't like, but they are viciously targeting everyone - innocent women and children included. The conflict is now one of the worst humanitarian crisis' on earth.

Bombing Civilians

Saudi Arabia uses mostly American weapons to indiscriminately bomb civilians. They have killed way more civilians than combatants in Yemen.

Killing Lots of Children

The Saudis have no problem killing children. For example, the Saudis bombed a school bus full of young children, and weren't even sorry.

Imposing Naval Blockade

The Saudis are using Navy ships to blockade Yemen, denying one of the poorest countries on earth the supplies they need to rebuild.

Causing Massive Famine

Intentionally destroying/cutting off food supplies to Yemen, to starve them all into submission (even innocent women and children).

Royal Death Racket Killing Americans

9/11 Terror Attack

The terror attacks on 9/11 were directly funded by the Saudi Royal family. Most of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia (not Afghanistan). The US government is so corrupt that they not only attacked the wrong country, they also spent the last 20 years trying to hide the truth from the American public. The Bin Laden family owns one of the biggest companies in Saudi Arabia, and is protected because they are friends with the British Royals and the Bush Family.

Vegas Terror Attack

The Las Vegas shooting was NOT a lone gunman randomly shooting people. It was actually an assassination plot and terror attack. The plot targeting Saudi Crown Prince MBS was organized by his powerful relatives because they were mad he cut them in line for the throne.

How Do They Get Away With That?

Why The U.S. Does Nothing

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