Emerging Technologies

Profound advancements in science and technology are about to dramatically reshape our world. If wielded responsibly, these technologies have the power to elevate humanity into a new plane of existence. If not wielded responsibly, they will most certainly plunge us into a dystopian nightmare.



Sounds Crazy, Right?

But It's Not! It's Real, And It's Here

Watch the CEO of Pfizer at the World Economic Forum (this year) talking about how World Leaders want to put "ingestible nanobots" [tiny robots] into our bodies to make sure they can "monitor our compliance" with their vaccine mandates. We must immediately move to regulate these powerful emerging technologies, so they are only used for good.


Advancements in biotech will give us the ability to heal any disease, and give us virtual telekinesis:

RNA Based Technologies

One of the most profound scientific breakthroughs of our lifetime. RNA works like an on/off switch for every single genetic trait in your body. It is a tool that enables users to "turn-off" genes controlling diseases, disabilities, and ailments. Meaning it can (theoretically) be used as a safe, permanent cure for severe medical conditions. But it can also be extremely dangerous.

Overheard at WEF

"We now have the ability to hack human beings"

Watch the Yuval Noah Harari - Klaus Schwab's right hand man at the World Economic Forum talking about how World Leaders are going to be able to hack our minds and bodies and read and write our thoughts, as well as edit our DNA. Implant us with microscopic robots that can connect us all to a centralized world authority, and be used to monitor every single thing we say, do, or think. (Yikes!)


Profound advancements in computing are about to reshape every industry:

Interdimensional Internet?

Our current communications networks use radio frequencies and optical cables to send data across the world and beyond. While fast by terrestrial standards, these technologies are constrained by the speed of light, making them not so practical for communications in space. For example, communications sent from a Mars rover take roughly 13 minutes to reach earth, and vice versa. Quantum entanglement based communications warp and tunnel through the fabric of space-time. Meaning there is no delay - no matter how far the distance is. With future Quantum communications, we could video chat with someone on Pluto - which is 60 times further away than Mars - with zero lag.

Weather Control

New technologies that will allow us to control the weather:

Cloud Seeding

What if we had the power to end droughts, or extinguish forest fires? What if we had the power to turn desert into fertile farmland? Well we do! We now have the power to make it rain on demand. Cloud seeding projects in Arizona, China, and the middle east have been secretly tested for decades, and are now ready to be deployed everywhere.

Energy Revolution

Corporate and political interests have prevented us from modernizing our energy systems for decades - trapping us in a false dichotomy of Energy1 vs Energy2 solutions. Energy3 technologies will allow us to finally escape this toxic paradigm:

Practical Green New Deal

Energy3 Technologies

Energy3 technologies will enable everyone to generate their own clean energy. By decentralizing our grid, we can dramatically lower energy costs, while simultaneously protecting our environment.

Modular Low Energy Nuclear Fusion

Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion

Graphene Energy Harvesting

Nano Diamond Batteries

With geopolitcal tensions rising, modernizing our grid with Energy3 has now become a vital national security priority.


Emerging Technologies