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Satanic Pedophiles


CIA Kidnapping Ring

In the 1970's, local police in Florida, Texas, California, and DC discovered that the CIA was running a Satanic Cult that would kidnap kids, lock them in cages, and traumatize them, before selling them as sex slaves overseas.

+ FBI Coverup

FBI takes control of investigation. Learns the cult is run by the CIA for "intelligence" purposes, so FBI stops investigating and sit on the evidence for 50 years until the documents are legally required to be released.

Sounds Crazy! Right!?

But It's 100% Real

Quote from FBI Files:

"Specially trained Government Kidnappers with Top Clearance and protection in their assigned task of stealing children, torturing and sexually abusing them...involving them in satanic orgies, bloody rituals, and murder of other children..."

They Did What!?

According to the declassified FBI files in the link below, the CIA child kidnapping ring would:

Kidnap Children From Preschools

Lock them in Cages at a Farm in Virginia

Traumatize Them With Satanic Ritual Abuse

Sell Them Overseas As Sex Slaves

Declassified in 2018:

Shocking Details


Nobody was ever held accountable

So the CIA created a new Satanic Pedophile Ring

Epstein Island

Jeffrey Epstein was a fake billionaire set up by intelligence services. His private island functioned as a massive child sex trafficking ring that was used to collect blackmail on the global elite (billionaires, celebrities and politicians, etc). That's why the FBI wouldn't let the Epstein client list come out in court. Because if they did, the blackmail would no longer be useful, and the CIA would lose their control over all the powerful people they spent decades setting up.

Prominent Pedophiles

The vast power of Epstein Island is demonstrated by it's huge list of VIP guests. The island was used to collect blackmail on elites from all industries.








Why does the CIA like pedophiles so much?


Billionaires & oligarchs are not afraid of police or politicians because they can buy their way out of any trouble. So the CIA uses pedophile operations to compromise and blackmail them into submission.


D6 (The covert paramilitary wing of the CIA) uses the money generated from human trafficking to secretly finance their illegal endeavors (i.e. arming terrorists, rigging elections, bribing politicians, etc)

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Satanic Pedophiles