Mafia-Style Politics

Bush League Tactics

We all know that politics is a dirty game, but many of us don't understand how bad it's gotten. This page is a compilation of flamboyant examples. It shows how evil and underhanded our politicians have become. And how they don't even try to hide it anymore - because they have been so successful for so long that they all believe they are untouchable. If we had a functional FBI, they would stamp out these types of behavior. But since the FBI is itself so corrupt, they let these things continue to happen.

Politics Is Corrupt Beyond Repair

Pretend To Be Altruistic, Do Exactly The Opposite

Spider Web of Henchmen Pulling Dirty Tricks

Violent And Illegal Tactics Used Regularly

How Do We Know?


Indisputably authentic email clips from the Clinton Campaign and DNC:

Operation Yard Sale

Clip of strategy document detailing Pennsylvania Democrats plans to hire activists to steal Trump yard signs from peoples homes, and to vandalize vehicles displaying Trump advertising (especially female-driven high end SUVs) in order to "create a psychological climate unfavorable to such displays." Yikes!

Malicious Intent

Indisputably authentic email clips showing how evil our politicians are:

Rigged Polls

Email clip showing how political polls are intentionally "oversampled" (aka rigged) to produce the desired results for the politicians who pay for them. Rigging polls is a form of voter suppression. Other emails directly show how networks like CNN would intentionally use polls where the respondents were 36% Democrats, 27% Republicans, and 31% Independents.

Democrat Hit Squad

These non-profit organizations pretend to be charities, but really they are just henchmen of the Democrat Party:

Confidential Strategy Docs

Leaked confidential strategy documents detailing the Democrat Hit Squad's plans to harass and intimidate anyone who opposes the party line, relentlessly smear their political opponents, force the big tech platforms to censor and cancel everyone they don't like, and to abuse the legal system to file as many frivolous complaints as possible. These organizations are largely responsible for distorting the public discourse, and bitterly dividing Americans against each other - all under the false pretext of "protecting democracy".


From the strategy document linked above:

Censorship Agenda


Label Everyone Who Disagrees as dangerous "Right Wing Extremists"

Harass Advertisers with Phone Call/Email Campaigns

Extort Platforms and Channels into Censoring Guests

Amplify Woke "Rage Mob" and Use Bots to Distort Conversation

This strategy works most of the time, unfortunately, because businesses don't want to waste time and money fighting with activists. So they often just roll over and capitulate.

Bush League Politics