The Cabal

Royal Death Racket

Medieval Monarchs

Shortly after WW2, CIA and FBI counterintelligence made a deal with the British Secret Intelligence Service to use the Monarchy as a blanket rubber stamp for nefarious domestic activities. This deal has directly facilitated unspeakable chaos, abuse, violence, and atrocities - both domestically and across the world - for nearly 80 years. It has also destroyed American democracy and wreaked havoc on our fundamental constitutional rights. Without the legal foundation the monarchy provides (secrecy, immunity, command structure, etc), our rogue intelligence agencies like would not be able to target Americans, manipulate media, and evade prosecution so effectively. The institution of the monarchy is the glue that holds the “deep state” together.

It's NOT just a formality. They are REAL Kings.

Monarch Powers:

The British Empire never ended.


British King Charles is the legal "head-of-state" and "commander-in-chief" of many countries. Meaning he is the one that controls their militaries and intel agencies, and the one who signs their bills into law. Countries like:

New Zealand

Countries the Monarchy still controls:

(directly and indirectly, not including the countries controlled by the other European royals)

They are all related.

All of the monarchs of European nations are related to British King Charles:

They are legally untouchable.

Royals can get away with:

Blackmailing Politicians

Child Sex-Trafficking

Funding Terrorism

Assassinating Presidents

They start wars on purpose.

WW1: A Royal Family Dispute

At the time of World War 1, the Kings of England, Germany, and Russia, (the people fighting each other) were all first cousins.

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (left), King George of England (center), Czar Nicolas of Russia (right)

How British Royals Started WW1

Video explanation of how the British Kings intentionally set up and popped off World War 1 because they wanted to steal from their relatives, destroy their competitors in Europe and maintain their chokehold on seafaring world trade. Then they knowingly imposed the brutal, exploitative conditions on Germany which ultimately led to World War 2.

Royal Henchmen


Super Oligarchs are an ever-changing pool of the worlds richest businessmen - that the Royals (and their intelligence services) use as proxies to control the politicians, gangs, and media overlords who carry out their ruthless plans across the globe. They are super-elites that run massive corporations, which operate in every country, making it easy for them to move dark money around the world without being detected. They are controlled by sophisticated blackmail operations (involving pedophilia, satanic rituals, and cannibalism). They are expected to ruthlessly pursue the royal ambitions of a one-world government, and are killed/replaced if they don't do what they're told and/or become a liability. Super-Oligarchs allow the royal cabal to indirectly accomplish it's medieval imperial goals, while maintaining a clean public image - so they don't get overthrown.

Intel Agencies

MI6 has been the worlds most formidable secret intelligence agency for hundreds of years. They have vast experience in assassinations, rigging elections, controlling media, and sabotaging competitors. They created Canadian SIS, Saudi KSA, Israeli Mossad, Australian ASIS, and many other intelligence agencies in countries across the world. During World War 2, MI6 came over and created the CIA from scratch - teaching them their vicious tradecraft, and building them up into a powerful proxy , which they now use to accomplish their ruthless plans. MI6 also, as part of a broad ranging security agreement with the United States, is partnered with the FBI's Foreign Counterintelligence Division, enabling them to freely conduct intelligence operations on American soil. The deal includes direct tie-ins to NSA signals intelligence and stand down orders of local law enforcement.

They control the things that matter:

Independent City-States

Special Districts that have different laws and governing bodies from the countries they are nestled within:

International Finance


Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is the Central Bank of Central Banks. It facilitates FX Swaps.

World Bank

Provides predatory loans and grants to the governments of poor countries (pretend altruism).


International Monetary Fund provides predatory bailouts to countries that are insolvent.


SWIFT is the antiquated money transfer system that banks use to send money between each other.

Legal System

The Cabal