War in Libya

How the United States destroyed the most prosperous country in Africa
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Who destroyed Libya?:

Why they destroyed Libya:

To Get Re-Elected

Direct Quote from Classified Intelligence Briefing:

"The humanitarian motive offered is limited."

"Read the Poll. Win the War. No way out."

How they destroyed Libya:

Terrorists With Heat-Seeking Missiles

Terrorist shooting down a regime helicopter with one of the thousands of sophisticated, heat-seeking missiles provided by the United States via their shadow diplomat/insurgent arms liaison John McCain.

Gadaffi Murdered

Leader of Libya found hiding in a hole and gruesomely killed by an angry mob of "moderate rebels" (what the US calls the terrorists it arms).

Hillary Laughs

Hillary Clinton - secretary of State (overseer of CIA) callously laughs as she recalls how Gadaffi was gruesomely murdered.

Immediate Aftermath

Massive Refugee Crisis Engulfs Europe

As the violence engulfed Libya, hundreds of thousands of African refugees risked their lives getting on sketchy boats and trying to reach Europe. This caused major problems and political division in many European countries. It also gave them a humbling taste of challenges the United States faces with millions of undocumented migrants pouring in across their southern border.

Things never improved in Libya. Chaos & Death continues to this very day.

Results of US Intervention in Libya:

Modern Slave Markets

Libya is an important transit area for migrants and refugees hoping to reach Europe by sea. Human trafficking networks have thrived in anarchy, created by warring militias fighting for control of territories since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Many refugees moving through Libya are kidnapped and sold as slaves. So many in fact, that open-air slave markets now exist - where human beings are sold like animals for use on farms and in factories. Average price for a human slave is roughly $200 - $300 USD.

Entire Country Destroyed

Libya was the most prosperous county in Africa, until the United States and NATO bombed it back to the stone age. It will take decades to rebuild after the war is over. But there is no end in sight.

Civil War Still Raging

Multi-sided civil war raged for nearly a decade. With initially at least 5 different militia groups trying to take power. More recently, the conflict consolidated into a 2-sided civil war. One side - the GNA - was backed by the UN, Turkey, Qatar, and Italy. The other side - the LNA - was backed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and France. The Libya conflict is a perfect example of how foreign powers ruthlessly jockey for power in unstable, oil-rich African countries.

-War in Libya-