Case Study Of Corruption

Our health and safety regulators have always been fundamentally corrupt and incompetent - Which is why our country is filled with dangerous drugs and medical devices, hazardous chemicals and materials, and toxic food additives. But no single event has demonstrated the irredeemably corrupt/evil nature of our government more clearly than the COVID-19 pandemic. From start to finish, from top-to-bottom, from beginning to end, COVID-19 is a comprehensive case-study of the urgent need for regime-change in the United States of America.

How It Started

Suspicious Origins

There is no conclusive proof of exactly how COVID began, but all of the credible evidence points in one direction.

DARPA + Moderna

DARPA had the idea for mRNA vaccines to stop a pandemic in 2012. Moderna received its first DARPA contract in 2013.

Fauci + BioDefense

Dick Cheney put Dr. Fauci in charge of all US government "biodefense" research after 9/11 - making him the sole decision-maker.

Wuhan Lab Funding

Dangerous coronavirus research was funded by NIH to a company called EcoHealth alliance to conduct experiments in Wuhan.


Scientist who worked for EcoHealth Alliance/Wuhan Institute of Virology says that COVID-19 was man-made and came from that lab.

Fueling COVID Hysteria

Lying & Manipulating Data

Despite the data being clear that the only people truly at risk from COVID were the elderly, the obese, and the people with chronic pre-existing conditions, government officials intentionally lied and manipulated data to induce panic.

Draconian Lockdowns

Everything Comes To A Screeching Halt

Constitution Ignored

Government declares emergency and uses it as a pretext to cancel everyone's constitutional rights.

Economy Shut Down

Based on the fear-mongering and lies, Trump authorized a complete shut-down of the economy.

Workers Crushed

Tens of millions of employees of organizations everywhere lost their jobs and were forced to stay home.

Families Separated

Family gatherings were cancelled. Elderly citizens withered away isolated in nursing homes.

Businesses Bankrupted

Tens of thousands of small businesses were forced to close their doors and slid into bankruptcy.

Education Harmed

Children had their educational development set-back years by inadequate remote education.

Mental Health Crisis

Depression, anxiety, and extreme social isolation caused suicide and overdose rates to skyrocket.

Oligarchs Enriched

Tech Oligarchs became significantly richer as everyone was forced to use online services for everything.

Vaccine Venality

Operation Warp Speed

Operation Warp Speed was a program authorized by President Trump to circumvent the normal regulatory approval process designed for ensuring public safety, in order to rush COVID vaccines out to market as quickly as possible. It provided corrupt pharmaceutical giants with billions of taxpayer dollars for research, and gave them (unprecedented) blanket legal immunity from all civil and criminal prosecution. It also allowed them to hoard patents and price gouge consumers - a common practice in the industry.

Pharmaceutical F**kery

Big Pharma has always been known for extreme greed and negligence, but Warp Speed took those things to another level.

Suppressed Treatments

Medicines (like HCQ, Ivermectin, and monoclonal antibodies) that many other countries used to treat COVID were aggressively suppressed in the United States. Despite being a cheap, effective, Nobel Peace Prize winning medicine used to treat billions of people around the world, the Mainstream News Media told everyone that Ivermectin was "horse-paste" and that slandered anyone who used it. When some doctors tried to prescribe these medicines anyways, many pharmacies refused to fill the orders.

Ruthless Mandates

In an unprecedented usurpation of HIPPA privacy laws, businesses and organizations everywhere began demanding proof of vaccination to go to school, to work, to public places, or to travel. Everyone was forced to take the jab or be excluded from society.

Businesses Employees

Government Employees

Healthcare Workers

Students & Teachers

Military Personnel

Prisoners & Guards

Restaurant Patrons


Trust the Science?

Healthcare Pros Pushback

Many scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals tried to pushback against the mandates, but they were aggressively suppressed.

Dissent Destroyed

Propaganda Blitz

Using military propaganda tactics (usually reserved for wars) the government teamed up with big corporations to crush all opposition to the draconian mandates. Individuals who opposed them weren't just people who disagreed, they were now enemies of the state.


Politicians across the western world fomented hatred and animosity towards people who didn't want to take the vaccine.

Changing Definitions

In an Orwellian manipulation of language, the CDC and many dictionaries changed their official definitions of "vaccine."

Mass Censorship

Government agencies, Big Pharma, and Big Tech censored anyone (even Doctors) who questioned the safety or effectiveness of vaccines.

Media Shaming

Many actors, musicians, and comedians engaged in flamboyant public displays of animosity towards the unvaccinated.

Peak Hysteria

Tidal Wave of Hate Unleashed

Unhinged demands for the unvaccinated to be bullied, fired from their jobs, refused healthcare, and ostracized from society reached fever pitch:

Narrative Collapsing

Over time, it became more and more clear that the vaccine was no where near as effective as was originally claimed. And natural immunity - a fundamental scientific/medical concept which was ostracized and deeply suppressed in the Western world - proved its supremacy. Third world countries that didn't use the vaccine at all were shown to have far less infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID.

Truth Beginning to Emerge:

Serious Adverse Effects of Vaccine:

Public Awareness Rising...

Mainstream News Beginning to Notice: