Enemy of the People

Fascist Bureau of Investigation

Many people say that the FBI just has a "few bad eggs" at the top. But the truth is that the FBI is a fundamentally corrupt and evil organization that threatens the freedom, safety and wellbeing of every American. From it's inception, the FBI has operated more like the Nazi secret police, than a functional law enforcement agency. The FBI is a complete racket known for creating its own market - sending undercovers to instigate drug dealing, terrorism and other violent crime, and then turning around and telling Congress it needs more money to fight those things. It categorically ignores the Constitution and spends huge amounts of it's time and resources thwarting legitimate political activism, because it views itself as the "maintainer of the existing social and political norms." The FBI is a cancer on America and it must be broken into a thousand pieces and scattered into the wind.

Corrupt Since The Beginning

Woodrow Wilson

The FBI started under President Woodrow Wilson as a domestic secret police force designed to go after political opponents of World War 1. In the months following its creation, federal operatives across major U.S. cities rounded up thousands of men and women, mostly foreign-born, who they accused of being subversives and Communists. The raids were followed by vicious, politically motivated investigations into anti-war activists, immigrant associations, labor organizing groups, and leftist circles.

J. Edgar Hoover

J Edgar Hoover (father of the modern FBI) was one of the most evil and vicious criminals that ever served in government. He spent his entire career weaponizing the FBI into a lawless gangster mafia that completely ignores the US Constitution, and targets innocents, while protecting powerful criminal elites. He regularly used the FBI’s vast investigative resources to threaten and blackmail anyone who challenged him —including politicians and presidents. A known fraud, racketeer, and pedophile - J Edgar Hoover is the epitomization of everything wrong with the US government. He was blackmailed and controlled by the MI6 mafia, but politicians were too scared to fire him, because he was such a nasty, lawless and vindictive little tyrant. In a sane world, his FBI would have been disbanded after his death, but our cowardly politicians allowed it to continue, and it remains the authoritarian menace it was deliberately designed to be, to this very day.


Vicious FBI Black-Ops Against Americans

COINTELPRO is an Illegal FBI program aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political organizations. Many people believe it ended in the 1970's, but the truth is that it continues to this day. The FBI designates anyone with political opinions it doesn't like, as "foreign enemy combatants" and uses military intelligence techniques (designed for eliminating war-time enemies) against them.




Legitimate political activists targeted and murdered by the FBI's "foreign counterintelligence" section via their MI6 partners:

According to a Senate report, the FBI's motivation was "protecting national security, and maintaining the existing social and political order".

Does the FBI protect us?

Answer: NO

The FBI has spends most of it's time and resources instigating more crime and targeting it's political enemies:

Crime Incitement

They don't stop crime, they create it

Many of the people the FBI arrests, are people the FBI instigated into committing the crimes in the first place. They have tens of thousands of agents actively cultivating every category of criminal:

Drug Dealers




Recent Examples:

Wanton Violence

FBI Death Squads

The FBI uses paramilitary death squads to intentionally provoke standoffs so they can murder innocent Americans in cold blood:

Always Hiding the Truth

Criminal Coverups

The FBI doesn't investigate the biggest crimes that happen in America, they actively cover them up. They are able to seize all the evidence and then sit on it forever. As long as they claim they are "still investigating" they can keep evidence secret forever (even from congress). It's a totally corrupt legal loophole and is a huge part of the reason the public never gets the truth about anything.

Why Can't We Do Anything About It?

They Target Politicians Who Oppose Them

Nobody is safe from the crooked FBI. Not even elected officials who are supposed to be overseeing and (theoretically) have power over them. Throughout it's tyrannical history, the FBI has targeted Presidents, Congressmen, and Senators. There are hundreds of examples dating back to the FBI's inception.

"Six Ways to Sunday"

Senator Chuck Schumer talks about how Trump (President at the time) is being very "stupid to be calling out the [FBI counter]intelligence community for their brazen corruption because they have "six ways to Sunday" to get back at him. Regardless of how you feel about Trump, is that acceptable? Do we actually live in a democracy if the FBI can destroy elected officials who question them? If they can viciously target our Presidents, what can they do to the rest of us?

Presidents Targeted By The FBI:



Abolish the FBI